A Mermaid’s Tale






It’s the year 1717, the early 18th century, you and your comrades have wriggled your way onto the Whydah, one of the most dangerous pirate ships known in history’ where you’ve posed as new recruits. Your Captain Samuel Bellamy, known as “Black Sam”  is currently on a hunt to find some of Blackbeard’s famous hidden treasure. Rumor has it that he buried it somewhere in the Cayman Islands. You and your squad of scraggly seamen have been searching for months, with no success. At least you’ve managed to grow a beard and swig rum like the rest of the crew. ….You have a secret, unbeknownst to your shipmates, during the last shore expedition you stumbled and fell into a sunken hidden sea cave. Where you met and fell in love with Leucothea, a real mermaid! After spending several days and nights with Leucothea she explained that the hidden treasure was sacred to the island and her kind, as it contained the Jewel of Amphitrite, goddess of the sea and Neptune’s wife. Amphitrite’s jewel was a gift to the mermaids, as it gave them the ability to change at will where they could walk on land as humans and swim in the ocean as mermaids. But if the treasure where to be stolen and leave it’s sacred location it would curse her kind forever. Trapping them in their present form for eternity. When you returned to the ship the rest of the crew noticed your disappearance, and sensing your dishonest answers they locked you and your fellow mates up for treason, and they went out to the sea caves themselves to find the treasure.  Now you have sixty minutes to escape the cell, get past the pirates above deck and save Leucothea and all mermaid kind from the infamously dangerous and greedy pirates, or the curse will fall upon them never to be broken.

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